What is the best rope for magnet fishing. Of Official Magnet Fishing Scotland (Photo: Martin Hunter)

The canal pathway is busy with city strollers enjoying new freedoms as restrictions ease. We are within the heart of Edinburgh’s former industrial quarter, Fountainbridge, by the Union Canal, and now a waterside residential district . Amid the joggers and cyclists, four friends have close for the primary time in months to share their passion for a comparatively new sport. 


They throw weights attach to lengths of ropes into the murky water. By their feet are bags of kit and piles of rubbish . Regularly and deliberately they reeling in their lined by hand and dislodge objects from the ending of their lines. The pile of metal grows. Occasionally the group gathers round to ascertain what has been caught. Welcome to the planet of magnet fishing.


A large object has been hoisted with some effort from slightly below Leamington drawbridge . Passersby stop to ascertain what’s happening . People are intrigued to form out what the thing is. Blackened and deforme, it rest awkwardly on the canal sides.


a blue bag: A pistol found while magnet fishing (Photo: Martin Hunter) © Provided by The i A pistol found while magnet fishing (Photo: Martin Hunter)

After a couple of tugs at the debris clinging to its sides, a iron traffic bollard becomes apparent. And there it seems is that the appeal of the pursuit: the retrieval of the familiar from the unknown. One onlooker asks why the lads do what they are doing . “It’s the joys of what you would possibly find. and that we are cleaning up the canal,” one among them says. What is the best rope for magnet fishing.


Earlier, something much more interesting was fished out of the water. it’s small but has got to be kept faraway from public eyes and safely bound up and put to at least one side. A call is formed to the police. A gun has been found. Soon a cruiser arrives and officers take possession of the weapon.

It has clearly been within the silt for a few time. it’s badly eroded and in no danger of firing. But the officers take a brief statement anyway from the fishermen who found it. Police Scotland sayed later “enquiries into its origins are ongoing and no links to any ongoing investigations are identify at this time”.


January, 2020,Rotherham Leeds brothers Nixon, four, Riley and Reece, 14, tell how they pulle weapons from a canal in Rotherham as they joined their dad and cousin on their weekend hobby. Reece’s find was a 106-year-old Vickers gun. March, 2021, Cambridge: Richard Leech and sons Josh and Toby said they found a Hitler Youth knife and a revolver among items retrieved from the Cam . The dad said he had haunted magnet fishing to stay his kids faraway from their PlayStation.


March, 2021, Glasgow: Paul McGeachin was left unable to steer after brushing up against Giant Hogweed while magnet fishing. The chef suffered painful pus-filled blisters everywhere his legs after his skin touched the plant on a bridge within the side of Glasgow. What is the best rope for magnet fishing


April 6, 2021, Birmingham: A Second war grenade was blown up after it had been pulled out of a canal by a magnet fisher. The grenade was taken to Wagon Lane Park, where it had been detonated during a controlled explosion. an enormous plume of soil rose up as a politician stood nearby, consistent with reports.


Calum Black, 20, a facilities worker from Oxgangs in Edinburgh and therefore the chairman of Official Magnet Fishing Scotland, says it’s the third time he has given a press release to the police.


“I found a homemade load at Broxburn. it had been sort of a Lynx can (spray deodorant) with candle wax, adhesive tape and a wire. i used to be getting to cut it open with my knife on the other hand thought against it. I also found a reproduction grenade just here at an equivalent spot because the gun. It wasn’t live, but once I first got it out the water I couldn’t tell. It looked and felt sort of a grenade. What is the best rope for magnet fishing. The appeal on behalf of me is clearing out whatever’s within the water, but obviously it’s good to seek out some treasure or history at an equivalent time.