Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak Price

Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Prof Range from Studio Performance products is among the best overseas fishing kayaks ever made. Prof Range offers kayaks that focus on lightweight. Stealth Profisha 475 kayak price smalls range and suitable for boys under 90 kg.

Details of Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Height:                                 4.75m

Diameter:                            0.605 m

Weight by Live Well:     + -25kg (Varies by format)

Max Angler Weight:       95 kg

Strength:                             160 kg

Stability:                              8/10

Speed:                                   8/10

Glide:                                  8/10

Progress:                           9/10

Surf Strength:                  9/10

Features of Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak :

Storage space, 4x fishing gear holders, Large Fish Wing Fog, Enhanced speedboat and wave control, Adjustable foot pedal, rudder, and steering system, Self Draining Footwells, Latch clips, Rubber and elastic paddle, 2x Squeeze holes, 4x Carry handles.


1.Red with White Racing Stripe (Red Hull)

2.Red and White Bands

Stealth Profisha 475 kayak Price:


Reviews of Stealth Profisha 475 kayak:

Ours team-best fisher reviews it:

“I’ve been in love with Stealth for many years but I got frustrated with two basics:

1) That the ski will be destroyed by the introduction of mudrocks in Hawaii.

2) that the unruly rudder will be damaged and that the fish will wrap themselves in it.

Nor does it turn out to be a problem, the trolly facilitates easy delivery and discovery used alone and the constant rudder withstands a major impact by accident.

Newline guards are a shortcut to installing and preventing any catch.

Another setback was that the nearest ski was 296 miles [296 km] away on the neighboring island and the nearest merchant was 3,907 miles from the mainland, thus making the oar to check everything impossible.

This sent me to a search to learn all I could about Stealth and to watch every YouTube video I could find. I was easily convinced to order a ski but was left confused as to which one it was.

However; Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

If possible it is worth a trip of full rowing. If this does not happen (as it did to me) I hope the following is helpful.

Fish has a slightly wider and more spectacular boat. Approximately 1 mph faster than the same polyethylene kayak. It’s beautiful and opens the dime.

The footrests are slightly wider for those who paddle excessively in the cold you may find that suits and dry boots fit better.

It has the great carrying capacity and its soft body would be better suited for those with more gears or heavier gears.

Anglers carrying crab jars, using downriggers, or underwater fishing lads with heavy tracks may find it beneficial. Likewise tasting divers and flashlights with salmon may be better suited for Fisha.

There is a lot of talk about stabilizing kayak fishing. None of these skiers should be considered unstable, as previously mentioned.

Pro has a quick moment but I have Marlin leaders in the 150lb range who are not more concerned with stability than Fish.

While there are many reasons to choose one Stealth ski over another I don’t think stability is one of them.

While the perfect fishing kayak may not be pregnant yet, Stealth is at the bottom of the pack. They combine fast-moving stable with outstanding luxury with a well-thought-out fishing platform.

Both have fish baths that will receive the largest catch. Production quality is outstanding and high customer service goes hand in hand with sales.

In short, all of this is for custom skis and there are color and accessories options available with factory order. While this will delay your receiving special attention to your needs it is worth the wait.

Profisha 475 and Fish

ProFisha is about 1mph faster than Fisha. It turns on the radio which is not strong and also as it has a long boat it takes extra strokes to turn it into a strong wind.

That means, once you get into a short, receding sea it slows down faster than Fisha and it seems to stop easily and generally gives you a faster ride in those situations.

It has a quick moment that should not be confused with instability. For those who switch from plastic, the ride will feel confusing at first but that feeling quickly goes away.

To make the long story short, I ended up starting with the Fisha 500 and after rowing it for a few months I ordered a Pro Fisha 575.

This had nothing to do with being unhappy about 500 rather it gave me the strength to see what different qualities a Pro Fisha could offer and I am so happy to have both.

The featured chart on the Stealth site is very helpful, but it does not tell the full story of how each ski can work
for your specific fishing or physical needs.

So That; Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

The glide is long and Fisha uses less energy than a day in the water.

I have found that although it is not very effective in operation or speed you feel lazy which weighs heavily on fish hatching (50 lbs or more) with Pro Fisha while it does not seem to affect Fisha much.

If I give the impression that I am a true believer. It is because I am. This ski really excels in every aspect and beach fishing offers a transformative experience.

In the middle of the Pacific and gives us the impetus to make a difference in Stealth !!! ”


Conclusion of Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak

Pro Fisha 475 is the smallest kayak in our Pro Fisha range. This model is designed for speed and performance but with a small size of the kayak to keep it simple and slightly controlled.

In conjunction with these design features, we also wanted to create a Pro Fisha model that will handle the wave easily and be easily controlled.

The design of this model allows the kayak to have excellent rotation capabilities, an excellent rocker with excellent wave capability, and is made of proxy-based resins and CNC technology which allows us to keep it very strong and lightweight.

Designed for a small angler we reduced the volume of the kayak to make it much easier for Pro Fisha in range.

Designed for the performance and lightness and ease of Pro Fisha’s they are well received around the world.

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