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Stealth Kayaks USA

Having established ourselves on the market in 1998, Stealth kayaks the USA has grown tremendously and has been able to cater to all kayaker dreams. From the production of high-end kayaks, Stealth Performance Products has now been built into a leading manufacturer of fishing and leisure Stealth Kayaks USA.

With more than 15 different projects and ongoing research and development, we continue to expand our scopes.

Using state-of-the-art technology and indoor buildings with CAD and CNC cutting machines the latest designs are built and cut precisely to become leaders in their field.

By all means, every modern kayak should have Stealth Performance products continuously for the ultimate kayak driving.

Stealth Kayaks USA History Running

The team of Father and Son Brett and Bruce Challenor worked together to bring the best paintings and products available.

Bruce Challenor is a GRP production manager. And he has involved in making fiberglass products for over 45 years.

His first experience was to produce his own flow boards and boats at the age of 16 and with this wealth of product knowledge and understanding. We continue to strive to find the best products by all means.

About five years ago Bruce went back to study the design of the Cad and now easily submits his ideas and designs to computer building and from here the products are improving.

Brett Challenor was instrumental in establishing Stealth back when he was running and competing with South Africa on the Surf life-saving side.


Stealth Kayaks USA, it was his great rowing experience and knowledge because he made the first Stealth kayak.

From here his important understanding of high performance, stability, and features the team can work together to bring you ideas and their products.

Brett uses and tests all products continue to keep changing its design and production. Never be afraid to admit that working on new ideas and products keeps the team moving forward every day.

Stealth Kayaks USA

Stealth Kayaks USA

With the latest kayaks, more information, and more sophisticated technology than Stealth has also developed a range of fast resources.

Kayak accessories are a cool addition to everything you need to enjoy your time in the water.

We currently build about 600 kayaks a year and not only offer a huge domestic market but our international trajectory continues to grow.

We now have 11 international distributors with ongoing discussions on a few more. You can find our head office and overseas retailers in the main navigation menu.

After all, it is not a reason for us all to hit the water… FUN

Please do not hesitate to send us a post or contact us with any information you may need or need from any of our products.

Why the Stealth Kayaks USA

Our production process was developed over many years, many years, and almost every part of our product can be pressed molded, or framed under a machine;

Gives you an idea of the fact that the kayak in Stealth Kayaks USA is made of resin ideal for fiberglass weight ratios and high strength without sacrificing any materials.

It is impossible to have one model of fishing for a kayak or one ski that will suit everyone. Every kayak has something that no one else has.

It is important to make sure that you fit as much as possible into the kayak you have chosen. It is very easy to try to compare different types of kayaks with products but every kayak has its advantages in different situations or in different places.

With Stealth you are thrilled to know that our kayaks range is actively used worldwide in all types of climates and climates, making us leaders in our marketplace.

Not only in construction, development, and production but also actively growing in many new areas and understanding the ongoing desire to continue to improve.

With the skills and understanding of the team, we are confident that we continue to design and build the best kayaks in the fiberglass fishing world.

Stealth Kayaks USA Tips

The kayak is one of the most popular fishing platforms I have used. While the construction of a boat helps a person to be in the water, how peaceful it is to be in that person. Here are three easy ways to keep a kayak fishing.

1. Use Padding to Reduce Noise

The custom design I saw in a few kayaks lays down the cockpit flat with foam padding. The basis is simple: Dampens sound when something happens, such as a tool or water bottle, accidentally falling.

Non-slip mats are the ones on hand, because they prevent things from slipping around, too.

If you are standing in your kayak to fish, sticking to other non-slip pads in the soles of the feet will reduce noise, and increase gravity and increase comfort.

2. Set up the Paddle Slap

Placing a paddle across a kayak is common when fishing, but this may work for you.

Navigating a boat can cause a paddle to vibrate, hit a kayak, and catch fish. Instead, try these options: relax the paddle on your thighs, place the paddle at length,

Place the paddle on the sides to reduce noise, insert a pad to keep it, or float the paddle while keeping it accessible with a leash.

3. Sit Back

While it’s fun to get close and see the fish from the kayak, don’t squeeze your quarry space. Active fish may not worry about overcrowding, but non-working fish are sure to excel.

Stealth Kayaks USA

Stealth Kayaks USA

Like a powerful boat, place a kayak on a remote landing and then an impressive volleyball throw into the hotspot.

If you happen to fall into one of the main areas unintentionally, stay as quiet as possible to avoid the shocking fish.

If you are secretive, there is a good chance that you will be able to go back and catch fish after giving the area a while to settle down.



Stealth Performance Products is not just another kayak product but a market leader in every aspect you need to have a complete and rewarding experience on the water. Have nice angling in Stealth Kayaks USA.

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