how to repair fishing rod

How to repair Fishing Rods

How to repair fishing Rods

Like other anglers, you face many problems with repair fishing rods. Among the problems, repairings fishing rods are the most common problem. Most of the anglers face this problem and want to fix up it, but it has no permanent solutions. You have enough knowledge of how to repair fishing rods.

As it has no permanent solutions, you can follow some instructions to repair the fishing rod and get the best result. In this blog, you will be able to know about how to repair fishing rods.

A number of researchers show that there are some causes behind the damaging the fishing rods. If you can check the causes of damage, you must make your fishing rods more effective and stable. Among the causes, the primary reasons that you must check for repair fishing rod are-

Low-Quality Rod Materials

 When you have decided to buy a fishing rod, you must ensure the standard of materials of the rod. The materials of a fishing rod are very important.

Authentic materials can improve the stability of the fishing rod. On the other hand, when low-quality rod materials are used in making the fishing rod, the rods can get easily damaged.

As a fishing rod holder,  you must check the material and temperature rating before purchasing the rods.

Lack of checking of  Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are another reason for damaging a fishing rod. A flawed and lack of proper manufacturing designs increase the risks of damaging fishing. A manufacturing defect is normally found in low-quality fishing rods.

As the manufacturing cost is lower, the company uses poor quality material and design. Finally, the fishing may rods to lose their qualities. You must try to manage a fishing rod that frees from manufacturing defects.

Misusing of Fishing Rod

Misusing of fishing rod happens when an angler misuses the fishing rods with an unskilled and inexperienced hand.

Before using the fishing rods, an angler needs to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer angler must select his/her fishing rods to consider his/her fishing areas.

If he/she goes to sea areas, they have to take fishing rods that are very strong and flexible. On the other hand, the fishing rods get easily damaged.”


 High-Sticking is another cause of damaging fishing rods. It happens when you pull on your rods and they suddenly stand up vertically. It has the highest possibility of damaging your fishing rods.

 To avoid high sticking, you must budget to buy the best fishing rod that is really kept your fishing damage-free. You have to bear in mind that the fishing rod may instantly break because of high sticking again and again.

Improper Storing Method of Fishing Rods

  Storing of fishing rods is very important. A fishing rod damages gradually when it does not keep in proper places.

Most of the fishing rods are made of fiberglass and graphite that may decline if they are stored in a dried place. Moisture and fluctuate temperature can easily damage the fishing rods made of fiberglass and graphite poles.

How will you repair fishing rods easily?

You may think that the repair fishing rods is a difficult task. But your thoughts are not always true.

If you follow the method we will discuss here you can repair your fishing rods easily and perfectly. Here we will show you some steps to how to repair fishing rods

How to Repair Broken Rod Tip

This is the most common problem that an angler face during fishing. You can easily fix the broken tip. To repair the broken tip-

  1. You may sometimes need to buy a new and fresh tip top.
  2. You use a lighter to melt the damaged part of the tip for easy fixing.
  3. To fix it perfectly, you can use 120/220 grit sandpaper for the damaged part.
  4. You can use melted cement to repair the inside of the hollow chamber.
  5. If you can follow the instructions properly, the broken rod is ready to use.

Repair of Snapped-Fiberglass Rod

If you suddenly make excessive pressure on the fiberglass rod, it breaks into two parts oven more. This repairing is possible if the rod is hollow and you can mend the fiberglass rods. Another point is that you can mend your broken rod but it may not work like a new one.

The steps you must follow to repair your fiberglass fishing rods-

  1. Select the whole broken area and marked to repair the fishing rod.
  2. You may use 180 to 220 grit sandpaper to polite at the end of the broken rod. Even you can cut off the damaged areas carefully for mending.
  3. Then you wrap the broken parts with tape that makes a strong bond the tip.
  4. You need to buy hollow fiberglass and cut it into about 6/8 inches, make thinner the end part, and fix it one by one with melted cement.
  5. When fixation of the tip is completed, you use glue before it dries.
  6. You must make sure all the guides are in the same line.
  7. Finally, rest the fiberglass pole for a night. Then you can use it for fishing.
how to repair fishing rod

Repair of Fishing Rod

Repair Damaged Line Guide perfectly

As an angler, you know that guides of a fishing pole are made of soft metals. The guides of the repair fishing rod can bend or crack for excessive pressure. You can repair damaged guides-line easily, just follow the steps-

  1. If you see the damaged guides are hanging, remove the wrapping and the guides.
  2. Select the place where you want to fix up the new guides.
  3. After fixing the new guides, you wrap every guide perfectly.
  4. Make sure every guide in the same line otherwise it again breaks or fractures.
  5. When all are set, rest the finishing over a night for dry.

Can you repair all types of damages to fishing rods?

The answer to the above question is not difficult. Actually, you will not be able to repair all types of damages to repair fishing rods and poles. Sometimes you have to need to buy a new rod for catching fishes.

You can repair only hollow fishing rods. Other rods are not fit for repairing if they snap during fishing times.

So, you have to bear in mind, though you can fix the small problems, you don’t repair all fishing rods. That is why you sometimes have to buy new rods.

Fishing Rod For Saltwater


Like others, fishing may become your passion. Your fishing becomes more enjoyable when you have a perfect fishing rod. While your favorite fishing rod snaps, you get disappointed and angry.

Go through the above article, you must be able to know how to repair a fishing rod. Stay with us for the next updates.

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